Midas Magazine and Nova Literary-Arts Magazine Receive National Recognition | New


Photo of Zach Jenkins (left; from Nova) and Sanura Ezeagu (right; from Midas).

At the MediaFest22 convention in Washington DC, UNC Charlotte’s Midas Magazine and Nova Literary-Arts Magazine each received national recognition for their 2021-22 publications.

Both publications won the College Media Association (CMA) Pinnacle Design Awards and were honored in the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) Best of Show Awards.

For the ACP’s Best of Show, Nova was honored as Best Literary Arts Magazine and Midas ranked #5 for Best Feature Magazine. For the Pinnacles, Midas Magazine was #3 in the Best Magazine Page/Circulation for Designs in the story “Creating the Unheardofhijabi” in Volume 2, Issue 2. Nova was announced as the Best Literary Magazine for Designs throughout their publication.

“Honestly, it was incredibly rewarding to see all the hard work the team put in over the last year coming to fruition. A team full of seniors, all new to their roles, to pull off something like Nova is amazing. Winning the awards at the CMA conference is something we could never have imagined, so I am incredibly proud of all the former staff members and my old friends,” said Alexander Beets, Editor-in-Chief of Nova.

The Pinnacle Awards are a competition open to college media organizations, including print, broadcast and online media, across the country and serve to honor student work. According to AMC officials, there were more than 2,900 submissions for this year’s Pinnacle Awards.

Midas’ “Creating the Unheardofhijabi” covers Kowsar Sheikh and how she’s breaking fashion boundaries with her streetwear hijab business. Midas 2022-23 Design Director Kevin Ku designed the boards for this story. Claire Hambrick, founder and then editor-in-chief, photographed Sheikh and other models to accompany the writing and design.

Midas spread layout

“With this story, fashion, streetwear and the things people were wearing in photos were of the utmost importance. In order to show that and put it front and center, I wanted to design boards in a way that people are towards the middle and really take up the whole space of each space. I also wanted to bring out that theme of grunge and almost hipster vibes,” Ku said. “Even with third place, winning over 2,900 entries is crazy. To be honest, I’ve never won an award like this in design, so it’s nice to see and hear that the work I faire is recognized and recognized in the design world.”

New layout

Nova’s 53rd volume designs were themed around the magazine’s rebranding from Sanskrit to Nova. Nova 2021-22 lead designer Skylar Parrow-Strong designed the book cover and layout alongside designers Noah Atwood and Vishal Nair. Atwood also designed the center fold, while Nair designed the poster insert.

“Last year was about reinventing ourselves. With the brand going through a massive change with the transition from sanskrit to nova, we wanted the design and themes of the magazine to reflect that. We tried to focus on the idea of ​​rebirth and new beginnings. The name Nova is linked to the imagery of space and stars, yes, but also to new ideas. As a literary arts magazine, we spotlight artists and authors full of new ideas and worthy of recognition. visuals of our magazine to represent this.” Atwood, the lead designer for 2022-23, said. “Last year the team worked incredibly hard and I’m proud to have been able to work alongside them. And it’s especially special to receive the awards as it was our first issue under the Nova name.”

Both publications are working on their 2022-23 publications. Nova will publish its 54th volume in the spring of 2023, while Midas will publish in December 2022 and April 2023.


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