Literary Fiction Author Honored as International Book Competition Finalist


Owen Thomas’s Mother Blues is recognized as one of the top 2022 Book Prize finalists in a competition that celebrates excellence in books around the world.

Mother Blues is a groundbreaking work of literary fiction by prolific author Owen Thomas. In a hauntingly beautiful tale, the book focuses on the motherly relationships we never knew existed, the hurt we never expected, and the redemption we never thought possible. Mother Blues was named a finalist in the Fiction category of the 2022 Book Excellence Awards, an international book prize competition that recognizes books for excellence in writing, design and overall market appeal.

There “The Book Excellence Awards have a long track record of recognizing and promoting quality independent fiction… I am delighted that Mother Blues has been recognized as a finalist this year.said author Owen Thomas. A multi-talented artist, Thomas was inspired to write Mother Blues to pay homage to motherhood, offering a new exploration of its role and influence as a whole. “I wanted to write a novel about the maternal presence that pervades our lives, informing our past and shaping our future; a presence not found exclusively in mothers, or even in women, but a living force that transcends gender and even death. Second, I wanted to write a novel that exalts the quintessence of American art forms: the Blues.”

Mother Blues follows the calamitous life of Davis Payne, a troubled man whose life has been defined by trauma, loss and death. As Hurricane Harvey overwhelms Houston, Davis escapes to the small desert town of Corbin, Texas, hoping to escape a life of guilt and a childhood haunted by death. When Davis was ten, his mother drowned saving him from a boating accident. Years later, his first love burned alive before he could reach her. Davis soon finds his life inextricably intertwined with that of others struggling to keep their heads above water, as Corbin was not the quiet refuge he expected. Beneath its dry, dusty surface, Davis finds a city full of terrible secrets, restless legacies of love and heartbreak, and life-and-death dramas that rival his own. Well-paced and expertly plotted, Mother Blues dives deep into the well of human emotions as the characters fight to straighten their path after the storms of life have thrown them off course. Filled with elements of mystery, mysticism and redemption, Thomas’ poignant prose exalts life – a long, ancient road best traveled with a grateful heart and a pocket full of blues.

Mother Blues has received positive reviews from some of the world’s most renowned celebrities, authors and critics. Actor and author, Mariel Hemingway, said: “Mother Blues is a moving and exciting read that will stick with you for a while. This exuberant saga unfolds a rich and dramatic tapestry, brimming with unforgettable characters: some beaten and broken; others heroic and inspiring; some so bad your blood will boil, and some so decent your heart will ache.”

A fascinating story you won’t soon forget, Mother Blues is available for sale on Amazon and other online bookstores.

About the Author

Owen Thomas is a lifelong Alaskan living on Maui because life is too short for long winters. He has written five books: “The Lion Trees” (which has won over sixteen international book awards); “Mother Blues” (a novel of music and mystery set after Hurricane Harvey in Texas); “Message in a Bullet: A Raymond Mackey Mystery” (the first in a series of mystery novels); “Signs of Passing” (a book of interconnected short stories and winner of fourteen book awards); and “This is the Dream” (a collection of stories and novels that explore that bewildering liminal distance between who we are and what we want). Owen maintains an active fiction and photography blog on Facebook, Tumblr, and on his author website at

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