Jon Meyers, WKU Graduate Assistant Instructor, Appointed Head of Literary Fiction Genre


Amsterdam, New York – March 8, 2021 – LitCon, an annual live online literary convention, named Jon Meyers, WKU Graduate Assistant Instructor (MFA Screenwriting) as the first Literary Fiction Genre Director for its 2022 Literary Conference. Meyers attended the 2021 conference as a that featured panelist on two writers’ panels last weekend.

LitCon offers craft discussions with authors published in several genres: fantasy, science fiction. Horror, poetry, mystery / thriller, youth, children’s books, screenwriting – and now literary fiction.

“Although I was invited as a screenwriter, and will always return as a screenwriter in 2022, our discussion before the conference has sort of turned to the novel that I will be finishing later this year,” said said Meyers. “My novel – which I started in Dr. Nancy Dinan’s Advanced Fiction course – doesn’t really fit into any of LitCon’s existing genres, so we were talking about the best fit for me next year. One thing led to another, and they not only added literary fiction, but gave me what it will look like. “

LitCon was born out of the fact that attendees of several other book conventions wanted to see these conversations about crafting and publishing continue, despite many other conventions on the way out. LitCon allows participants to network with other authors, publishers, service providers, book bloggers and, most importantly, readers. Previous virtual conventions that the LitCon board of directors have worked with have seen between 800 and 2,000 attendees, as well as online traffic in the thousands during the weekend of events.

“Jon Meyers was an invaluable member of our screenwriting panels at LitCon 2021,” said Alison Weaverdyck, founding board member of LitCon, who publishes as Phoebe Darqueling. “I look forward to working with him next year as head of the literary fiction genre. “

Meyers holds a BA in Cinema and an MA in English from WKU. This summer, he obtained an MFA in scriptwriting. Meyers is also the only US moderator to InLeScript, Previously Bang2Write, England’s premier online scriptwriting community. Renowned for his “clear and detailed writing and career advice” InLeScript is an online craft and writing advice resource for professional writers, with a focus on screenwriting and novel writing. Meyers also occasionally serves as the hourly host for DePaul’s Scott Myers 24-Hour Monthly Online Screenwriting Marathon at Zero DraftThirty.

LitCon 2022 will take place from March 4 to 6, 2022. Registrations are already open for LitCon 2022 at: For more details, visit


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