Early release of literary arts magazine for teens, elementia


Johnson County Library is pleased to announce the early digital release of elementia issue xvii. This number answers the question: what connects you? We are each a collection of connections, our root systems shaped by the influences of our families, friends, collaborators and heroes. Our ties and ties each tell a story about who we are and where we have been. You are invited to browse its pages and find stories and works of art that reflect your experiences, make you feel seen and heard, and above all, inspire you!

elementia is Johnson County Library’s award-winning literary teen magazine, published to represent and uplift young adults. The magazine’s editorial and design committees include high school students from across Johnson County who volunteer their time to read and discuss each article submitted. elementia accepts original poetry, fiction, non-fiction, graphic stories, photography and illustrations. Library staff offer graphic design and critical skills workshops to help committee members hone their judging skills.

Launched in 2005 at the Central Resource Library, elementia’s i issue included 22 writings, the products of the Library’s Teen Writing Workshop. This latest issue features pieces selected from over 900 submissions, a record number for the publication. Originally slated for print release in library branches on April 24, the committee felt it was important to release the magazine digitally as part of the city’s Stay-at-Home order, especially considering given its theme. According to editor Patty McClain, a student at Mill Valley High School, “elementia has always been about connection, even before it was our theme. Our magazine helps shed light on the experiences of young people in the region and allows readers to feel a sense of connection with writers and artists, which is especially important during an uncertain and isolated time.

Discover the latest issue and back issues of the magazine by visiting the elementia webpage. Interested teenagers can also submit their work until February 1, 2021 for issue xviii, which will examine the theme of bodies.

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